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How does net metering system operate?

Our solar panels generate electricity when the sun is shining. This electricity is used up in your home/business. If you generate more electricity than your home/business needs, this excess is sent to the main grid. The grid-tied system in your home/business can also take electricity from the main grid when necessary (e.g. at night) the digital meter in your system separately measures the electricity sent to the main grid, and the electricity taken from the grid.

You only pay if you have taken more electricity from the grid than you supplied to it. If you have supplied more to the grid, the excess supplied is carried forward for ten years. You should note that this system does not work as a back-up power supply in case of grid power outages. Solar PV modules coupled with a reliable inverter is a mature technology and provides attractive return on investment to consumers world-wide.

Over 40 million panels installed

Pannels from one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced Tier-1 solar panel manufacturers, SUNTECH


The conversion efficiency is up to 17.3%.


The maximum voltage acceptable to the system is up to 1500V.


Two 100% online EL tests before and after laminating ensure there is no hidden crack on the module.


The technology of current grading brings additional electric output of 2%.

Over 100 years of trusted innovation

Inverters from KACO new energy, Germany. KACO is a renowned name in the solar inverters industry with over 60 years experience.

Flexible and powerful

2 MPP trackers, Wide MPP range

Easy to install

Lightweight, Straightforward mounting


Numerous, pre-installed communication interfaces