Regen Renewables is a dynamic and innovative company that serves the emerging renewable energy trade in Sri Lanka, a country experiencing a rapid growth and has an increasing demand for energy. With the limited power generation capacity and increasing demand, growing road network, Sri Lanka is looking for products and services to boost its development drive. As a result of this the country has witnessed a rapid growing demand for energy.

Our aim at Regen is to participate in the development drive of Sri Lanka by providing renewable energy solutions to it's growing energy demand. As a country located near equator we have been blessed with abundant Sun Light throughout the year. This as well as government’s policy to promote renewable energy by cutting taxes on most renewable energy products has worked well for solar power solutions to be very lucrative. Further it is a clean form of energy, helping 'sustainable green development' for the wellbeing of our future generations.

To become the preferred Sustainable energy partner in Solar energy trade and Energy Trading markets while maximizing the shareholder value

Supporting our customers, the key stakeholder with maximum care, to Save the Environment for the next Generation. We focus on delivering the latest technologies and best engineering Practices in this rapidly developing industry by creating collaborative relationships with our suppliers. Identifying the TEAM as our most valuable asset, we empower employees at their best in Skills, Knowledge and Enthusiasm to build a sustainable tomorrow.